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About Us

After a 19 year run with Cokesbury ended in April 2013 and a one-year run with Tree of Life Books ended in May 2014, Asbury Theological Seminary officially launched its own Campus Store (though no-longer selling textbooks) in September 2014 by partnering with the Seminary Post Office when it relocated from the Morrison Administration Building to the Sherman Thomas Student Center.  After a full-year of operations on-campus only, we expanded our operation online with a partnership with Shopify.  

In the fall of 2019, we took our small store front operation and expanded to a fully operational store space as well as adding expanding to a second location on campus at the Asbury Inn & Suites. Through our growth and expansion we have been able to become vastly more accessible to students, faculty and visitors to our campus.

As we continue to grow, we look forward to supplying our more than 10,000 living alumni, as well as current students, staff, faculty, and their families with quality, affordable Asbury Seminary branded merchandise to allow our ever-growing family to represent Asbury Theological Seminary to the world.

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Phone: 859-858-2294